Stress Control

Stress plays a governing role in human health and disease. Nearly 100% of health issues are caused by one form of stress or another – in many cases underlying chronic stress that has gone undetected. That said, certain types of stress, otherwise known as hormetic stress, can be quite beneficial. They help one build immunity, become more robust and less fragile. Hence, the common phrase “stress management”.  Which stresses to eliminate and which to take on?  While the answer is unique to each individual, a good starting point is a foundation of knowledge and the inspiration to change.

The BBP presentation on Stress and Anti-aging puts the following invaluable information in your hands:

  • Stress Pathways
  • The many unknown stressors which contribute to symptoms and health decline
  • Hormetic stress to slow the aging process and bring more joy to life.
  • Simple healthy habits to stay young in body, mind and spirit.
  • Taking care of symbiotic organisms within – microbiome and mitochondria
Presentations on Habit Shaping, Better Breathing, Meditation and Genetics Based Nutrition/Exercise, support the wide variety of information presented in Stress and Anti-Aging. These serve to further inspire, support and encourage the transformation process.
Note: This presentation should not be construed as medical advice. It offers behavioral suggestions from the anti-aging and optimal living world.  While those with medical conditions can benefit immensely from habit change, they  should take appropriate precautions and consult their healthcare provider before undertaking the risk of  lifestyle adjustment.
Taking on new habits and behaviors is often seen as daunting. There are, however, ways to make change easier, more natural and less taxing to one’s willpower. The presentation on Behavior Shaping provides expert opinion on turning intentions into reality.  This presentation is a must for anyone interested in taking agency over their personal health and well-being.  It is also quite helpful for parents looking to more naturally influence  kids -or spouses- to make healthier choices without the ugh factor.