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Meet Gwenn. Meet Glen.
Gwenn and Glen are finding it a challenge to say healthy and productive amidst heavy commitments to work and family life.  Willpower to eat right doesn’t come easy while the monthly gym membership goes unused.  Inadequate sleep takes its toll and symptoms start to flare.  Life is a bit less joyous than it should be.

Prescriptions and coffee helped a little but also created side effects. These are not the answer. Gwenn and Gien know they could use a little guidance and inspiration for more lasting solutions, but where to turn?

Optimal Health and Long Term Performance are rarely natural outcomes of current lifestyles and environmental conditions.  Staying healthy takes a proactive approach to well-being.   Appropriate nutrition and exercise are only part of the puzzle.

How to Get There?

Knowledge, openness to change, and a supportive environment are key aspects of moving one’s health and habits in the right direction.


The BBP provides inspirational guidance, group training and individual consults for employees with busy lifestyles.  We help you get well and stay well.

Your role…

  • Show up and absorb
  • Test-drive a new behavior
  • Feel the difference

Inspirational Guidance

BBP presentations provide a window into optimal health strategies and implementation tactics.  They offer many pointers from the peak performance and anti-aging community —  allowing you to improve health, productivity and performance – without a prescription.

Optimal Health Training

BBP  Health bio-hacks, Biofeedback training and Tech Assisted Meditation are catalysts to well-being.  They offer many of the health and productivity benefits of long term meditation, extended fasting, endurance training , polar swims, and living at high elevation … all with considerably less toll on time, body and pocket-book.  Unlike any other wellness platform on the market, BBP training is very personalized and hence effective at meeting an individual where they are at, helping them discover ideal next steps  on their health path, and providing feedback training that accelerates their movement without resistance and heavy resource (time) investment.  Sessions can last anywhere from 1/2hr to 45minutes depending on results of an initial consult and agreed upon training plan.  Moreover, sessions are usually offered right at the corporate office to minimize travel requirements.

BBP Support

Environments and reinforcement are critical to outcomes.  BBP workshops provide further opportunity to learn, test drive and cement new habits with others on the path.   Optional BBP retreats offer a similar opportunity in naturally uplifting environments.

For the growth-mindset individual, both deliver an accelerated route to long-lasting health and smiles.

BBP Assistance

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Optimal Health & Peak Performance Training

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Disclaimer:  We do not treat, diagnose, cure or claim to cure any medical diagnoses, disease or condition.  BBP coaches assist clients by facilitating the discovery of and motivation to train habits that lead to greater health, productivity and well-being.