Neuro-Cognitive Capacity

When it comes to neuro-cognitive performance there are two general strategies worth considering. The first is ensuring the brain is well maintained.  The second is further development of executive functioning to improve capacities, competencies and intelligence.

When well maintained, the brain fires on all 8 cylinders to provide the performance and productivity needed to  through the day .  Basics are in order to maintain neurocognitive capacities:  the smart exercise, personalized nutrition, quality sleep, balanced emotions and management of stress.  Hence, the importance of implementing healthy habits around these aspects of life.  Having the right information is instrumental to proper brain and body maintenance.   All BBP presentations provide information to help you create the grooves needed to keep your brain humming like a well-oiled machine.

On the second front – developing new neuropathways, grey matter and capacities — nothing beats a healthy dose of focused attention while learning something new.  Whether practicing a musical instrument, learning a language, or attempting a new dance move, even adults can deepen their dendrites.   By engaging in different patterns or activity followed by adequate sleep, the brain wires in new connections, new learning, and new neurons.

For those with limited time constraints still interested in strengthening general intelligence, the BBP offers working memory training as a means of doing more with less time. This training specifically bolsters IQ and attention span. The neuroscience-based working memory software offering guarantees a 10 point IQ increase within 20 days when practiced 40 minutes per day. While it pays in the long run, be forewarned, this training takes a little grit.  It is a hormetic stress that builds neuro-cognitive muscles.

While nutrition, exercise and healthy breathing all play a significant role  in brain health, there is nothing like a good night’s sleep to ensure the brain and body are humming on all eight cylinders throughout the day.   In the BBP sleep presentation we educate on what a good night’s sleep consists of and feels like.  We offer suggestions on how best to get there if it is not “up to snuff”.  For those unsure on how well they sleep, we introduce state of the art  wearables that can track important aspects of sleep and fitness  with relatively little investment in time or money.