About Us

BBP Mission:
To assist individuals in the discovery and ease of habit change to further their, health, productivity and well-being.

Author’s Note: The information put forth in presentations comes from the following sources:

  • MS coursework in Applied Breathing Sciences – a cross-disciplinary degree between behavioral health and physiology from the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences.
  • Research (PubMed, Science Direct, books, podcasts and articles) on anti-aging, microbiome, ancestral health, stress management, and optimal performance.
  • 10 years of investigation and training in and with meditation, biofeedback, neurofeedback and other transformative technologies.
  • Personal experience as a practitioner, corporate wellness director and ancestral health enthusiast.
  • Over 9,000 hours of personal meditation, neurofeedback and biofeedback practice.

Better Being Project Founder and Presenter:  Mark Szymczak, BSIE, MS-Applied Breathing Sciences 

For the first forty years of life, Mark’s health was sub-par.  Chronic inflammation deteriorated health and performance.  Asthma, sinusitis, incessant colds and GI issues were a function of an inferior diet, inadequate hydration and dysfunctional breathing.  Traditional medical doctors helped him manage symptoms with prescription drugs and antibiotics. Despite poor health, Mark managed to secure an engineering degree (VA Tech 1989) and a technical sales/consulting career to support a vibrant family.  One day in early 2003, while wheezing his way up a small hill, an inspiration came suggesting “something needs to change”.  He ventured outside the standard medical network to seek assessment and counsel from holistic providers. These visits coupled with his own research allowed him to recognize how current environmental triggers and ensuing daily habits were setting him up for an early grave.

Proactive about his kids not having to endure similar miseries, Mark started modeling better habits for better being. Over the course of several years, all his ailments disappeared as he developed new-found energy and zeal for life.  Passionate to help others discover similar possibilities, he took to transformative technologies, biofeedback, neurofeedback, ancestral health bio-hacks and a systematic meditation practice before pursuing an MS degree in Applied Breathing Sciences (2016-2018). The shift in education, perspective and competencies had him trading in his tech hat for a wellness director and motivational speaking position.  Mark’s current mission is to help others discover the value of modifying their environment and  key habits to more naturally improve health, performance and well-being.  Beyond Better Being presentations, Mark uses a variety of biofeedback and neurofeedback technologies to help growth mindset individuals/employees develop more robust physiology and greater emotional intelligence.  When a person changes their vibe, the impact ripples out to loved ones, co-workers and friends for many years to come.