BBP Services

The series of BBP presentations begins with an introduction to the BBP and a discussion on how BBP presentations and services will accelerate an individual’s journey on the health, productivity and well-being path.  Other presentations follow in the following suggested order:

  1. Shaping Habits and Behaviors
  2. Better Breathing for Health, Performance and Stress Reduction
  3. Meditation for Emotional Intelligence, Attention and Self-Control
  4. Tech-Assisted Meditation for Inner Calm and Emotional Balance
  5. Better Sleep for Better Living
  6. Healthy Gut – Healthy You
  7. Taming Inflammation – Naturally
  8. Peak Performance Through Genetics Based Nutrition, Exercise and Circadian Rhythm
There will be valuable takeaways for all attendees.  While no one is expected to make vast or instantaneous changes to lifestyle,  there will be those that are ready and willing to go for it.   In others, seeds planted may lay dormant until the soil is more fertile.  In still others, nuggets will be relayed to a family member or co-worker who is ready to try something new.
The impact of having continuous presentations over the course of 6 to 8 weeks serves to create tribe and reinforce progress in a healthy direction.  This approach helps takes the “ugh” out of healthier behavior.
To further support and reinforce changes that will undo suffering and develop higher potentials, the BBP offers individual biofeedback and Tech Assisted Meditation (TAM) training sessions.  These tools help an individual build greater awareness and control over one’s physiology, attentional style, and perspective in life.  In professional hands these tools can also alleviate a number physical ailments.   This article from the Dr. Axe website provides a brief overview of biofeedback and its many benefits.
The value of working with a competent and experienced practitioner include:
  • He/she can help an individual uncover their most immediate needs and potential gains. — Is it to undo suffering? increase emotional intelligence? build more robust physiology?  improve sleep or develop more neurocognitive capacity?
  • He/she truly understands the many biofeedback tools and technologies on the market and how best to put them to use.
  • He/she is familiar with the landscape of consumer-grade wellness technologies and how they are best used for a client or employee to use at home.
  • He/she is able to discern which protocol or combination of protocols and technologies to use for a particular individual’s most immediate needs.
  • He/she has a coaching vibe that activates a client’s intrinsic motivation to choose healthier behaviors, makes them accountable to a change strategy and has them looking forward to the next session.
  • He/she understands how to help an employee create an environment at home/work to allow for healthy habits to flourish.

Coach Mark has extensive experience with professional grade biofeedback and wellness equipment that cannot be found elsewhere in the Bay Area.   He also is adept at building tribe to foster joy in adapting to better being.  For more specifics on a few technologies used by coach Mark, please see the BBP’s  sister website:

Contact to start a discussion on how the BBP can bring benefit to your company.