Emotional Balance

When it comes to quality of life, on the job performance and general happiness, nothing beats an even-keeled disposition with balanced emotions.  While general intelligence and education help a person secure the right employment, it is emotional intelligence and inner calm that allows for either climbing of the ranks or dusting off of the resume’. Inappropriate impulsivities and hurtful words involved, including oneself.  On the flip side,  the right disposition and words allow  life to low a bit easier as one’s emotions have reduced impact on thoughts and ensuing behavior.  This intelligence makes life at work, home and even on the court a bit more enjoyable and certainly less stressful.    How to build emotional intelligence?
Some individuals are blessed with a calm, cool, collected nature as a result of genetics and non-threatening childhood environments.  For those with a more fiery nature, all is not lost, as EI can be nurtured and retrained when there is a willingness to do so.  Countless studies point to the benefits of meditation for developing emotional intelligence– not to mention overall health and well-being.  As such, the BBP provides an experiential 6-part series on five basic meditation styles without the spiritual overtones.  A thorough questionnaire allows each person to quickly discover which meditation style is ideal for their goals and current emotional condition.  An employee can attend those most suitable to their needs or all five 1-hr classes should they care to cross-train.

A separate presentation, Tech Assisted Meditation for Inner Calm introduces the many transformative technologies that have gained traction over the past few decades for undoing anxiety/stress, building peak performance and developing additional workplace cohesiveness and productivity.

Creating a daily meditation ritual is a must for those looking to take their outer vibe and inner peace to new levels.