Restful Sleep

It’s no secret that quality sleep is a key component for health, well-being, productivity and performance.  Unfortunately, healthy sleep is more difficult to come by given today’s stress levels, emotional imbalances and counter-productive habits. All these affect sleep and poor sleep affect’s one’s ability to maintain healthy behaviors.

BBP’s presentation titled Better Sleep for Better Living offers detailed information on the “what”, “when” and “how” for securing rejuvenating sleep.  Presentations on Shaping Behavior, Better Breathing, Genetics Based Exercise and Nutrition and Tech Accelerated Meditation go hand in hand with better sleep and optimal health for those intent on improving sleep.

If sleep-meds, sleep-supplements or an evening dose of heavy carbs or alcohol have become the go-to means for attending to sleep, there is a good chance that you are missing out on invaluable stages of deep and REM sleep. This is where growth, learning and rejuvenation occur.  If sleep or evening anxiety are an issue, BBP Biofeedback training helps a person learn to adjust their physiology and calm their autonomic nervous system — resulting in easier sleep and a longer health-span.